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Market-ready, next-gen lithium-ion batteries

By combining our advanced electrolyte material with a pure silicon anode, Sionic Energy unlocks the potential of low-cost silicon and created a next-gen battery that is ready for commercialization.

silicon technology to enable next-gen li-ion battery performance today

Sionic Energy has created a battery that addresses the market's quest for next generation lithium-ion performance at a lower cost and with greater safety. Our battery is precisely designed for rapid commercialization within existing manufacturing infrastructure and supply chains.

Market deployment


Aviation and Consumer Electronics


Automotive EVs


Stationary Storage and Grid Applications

Addressing the accelerating demand for next gen Li-ion batteries

Compatible with the existing lithium-ion manufacturing ecosystem to meet demand for high-performance batteries.

Sionic Energy’s market-ready, lithium-ion battery blends two unique technologies into its battery cell design: a breakthrough, high-capacity silicon anode and advanced electrolytes that optimize anode and cathode performance. Sionic’s technology delivers a revolutionary jump in performance while increasing safety and reducing costs.

Lower cost

By using abundant, pure silicon in the anode, with seamless manufacturing integration, we’re able to reduce the battery production costs by up to 30%.

Higher performance

Our high-capacity silicon anode enables a 50% jump in energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Greater safety

Produced with advanced electrolyte material, our battery delivers performance while increasing safety by mitigating the risks of thermal runaway.

About Sionic Energy

Sionic Energy is led by an executive team with over 45 years of cumulative experience in the battery industry: CEO Ed Williams; CTO Dr. Surya Moganty; and Senior VP of R&D Joon Bae Lee. Well-capitalized as NOHMs Technologies, the company developed its advanced electrolyte products for safety and silicon anode performance over the past four years, laying the foundation for this high capacity silicon battery design and establishing relationships with global automotive and battery companies.

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Next-generation lithium battery technology designed for scaled commercialization

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