Making silicon battery technology a reality

Our breakthrough battery silicon anode battery design enables the use of low-cost silicon material in high capacities (>50%) for drop-in manufacturing integration. The technology platform controls the battery cell's expansion to less than 10% at the cell level with simple chemical additives and advanced electrolytes, while delivering up to a 50% increase in energy density and up to a 30% reduction in cost. Compatible across all Li-ion cathode materials, our platform provides extensibility across current Li-ion batteries and sustains performance for next generation cathode designs as well.

How we solve the problem of cost

The cost to produce Sionic Energy’s silicon battery technology is more competitive than the standard graphite anode and well below the costs of leading complex silicon materials currently being explored by Li-ion battery markets.

Sionic Energy addresses the primary constraint on costs associated with a silicon anode battery and materials by using low-cost, micron-sized, pure silicon. There is no pre-processing or engineering required for use of this material, which can be inserted directly into the standard anode material mixing and coating processes for Li-ion battery production.

Our breakthrough electrolyte products enable the resilience of high capacity silicon anodes anodes for lithium ion batteries and provides stability for the higher performing, cheaper cathode materials —significantly detering thermal runaway and eliminating cell-to-cell propagation due to faulty cells—further reducing overall battery costs when compared to leading Li-ion batteries.

Drop-in compatibility for a shorter time to market

We’ve designed our silicon battery technology to use existing and planned battery manufacturing capacity to effectively address the market’s accelerated demand for safe, low-cost, high-performance Li-ion batteries. It’s drop-in compatible with current manufacturing, relies on low-cost materials readily available across the supply chains, and requires only a slightly higher temperature within the traditional anode drying process while enabling a faster overall throughout.

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