Lithium ion battery commercial and industrial applications

Sionic Energy has designed a low-cost, high performance solution to meet exploding demand in the lithium ion battery market. The advanced electrolyte product and silicon anode is designed to integrate with current or planned lithium ion battery manufacturing processes for a faster speed to market. By taking a phased approach, the company is able to focus on the cycle volume and power requirements specifications within each silicon anode battery market application.


Aviation and Consumer Electronics

The new generation of drones and aviation products along with consumer electronics are constantly seeking smaller footprints and lower weight associated with their batteries. With the exceptional jump in specific energy—lower weight for high energy performance—Sionic’s battery technology addresses one of the primary design points in lithium ion drone batteries, as well as batteries for automotive and consumer electronic products.


Automotive EVs

Critical to sustaining the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) markets is the cost and the safety of the energy storage batteries. Presently about one third (⅓) of the vehicle’s cost, it’s the primary component to lead cost reductions putting the EV’s at cost parity with internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles to encourage accelerated EV adoption. Sionic’s technology has the potential to achieve up to a 30% cost reduction in lithium ion batteries for electric cars while dramatically increasing energy density performance and mitigating risks of thermal runaway.


Stationary Storage and Grid Applications

Second only to the growth of batteries for electric vehicles, the stationary and grid storage markets are also seeing accelerated growth and integration of energy storage into distributed renewable energy infrastructure. An attractive solution for both industrial and consumer energy consumption and distribution, cost as well as safety are very critical performance factors for batteries in these markets. Sionic’s battery technology delivers the substantial reduction in costs, mitigates the risks of thermal runaway from cell-to-cell propagation, and is adaptable to the newer generation of safe cathode materials being used for these market applications, such as lithium Iron phosphate (LFP).


Pushing the envelope on energy storage

Sionic Energy batteries can serve as a lighter and cheaper replacement to the mobility lithium ion battery market’s 2170 batteries with a current energy density of 1050 Wh/L or 350 Wh/kg and a platform that extends performance beyond the early projections of solid state designs.

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