Formerly NOHMs Technologies, the company combines proprietary electrolyte with a newly developed silicon anode design for a low-cost, high-performance and safer lithium-ion battery

ROCHESTER, N.Y.–NOHMs Technologies, long recognized as a leading provider of advanced electrolyte products for next-generation lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, today announced its relaunch as Sionic Energy, transforming its business to deliver complete advanced battery cell designs that incorporate its breakthrough technologies into a drop-in, rapidly commercialized, low cost, high performance, safer Li-ion technology.

Sionic’s silicon battery cell designs incorporate the company’s complete technology innovations that deliver up to 50% greater energy density, 30% lower cost, and increased safety, and can be integrated into cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic cell formats in existing cell production supply chains and infrastructure.

Most silicon battery designs currently available or under development require expensive materials and complex processes that can significantly increase costs. Sionic Energy’s innovations utilize pure low-cost micron silicon, integrated with advanced electrolyte designs for exceptional performance, cycle life and increased safety. Sionic Energy’s battery design is agnostic to cathode materials, enabling the extensibility of performance across a variety of current and emerging cathode designs.

As part of this transformation Ed Williams, NOHMs’ Company Chairman, Acting CEO, and 15-year battery industry executive will assume the position of CEO and guide the company through its accelerated growth strategy into the automotive, consumer electronics, and aviation battery markets. With Williams at the helm, Sionic Energy is on track to have its battery design ready for production and commercialization in light aviation (drones) and consumer electronics sectors by late 2022.

“With the world depending on lithium-ion batteries to power our devices, our vehicles and our infrastructure, battery performance, cost and safety have become more critical metrics for success and progress than ever,” said Williams. “Through collaboration with the exceptional team at NOHMs, our launch of Sionic Energy unites their legacy electrolyte technologies with our recently acquired high-capacity silicon anode technology, from the University of Colorado Boulder, to create a truly market disruptive battery. We’re looking forward to addressing the market’s growing demand for a drop-in, next generation, lithium-ion battery technology.”

Based on the ease of integration into existing battery production, supply chains, and products, Sionic Energy has created a licensing model for its battery technology to accelerate and broaden adoption by major commercial markets. Production-scale prototype cells will be available in Q4 this year for customer evaluations and testing.

In commercializing these latest silicon anode technologies, Sionic will collaborate with Professor Sehee Lee’s lab and team of postdocs at the University of Colorado Boulder. Over the past decade at the university, Dr. Lee’s team has created a legacy of Li-ion battery innovations that help drive the adoption of energy storage in products and their positive impact on climate change.

“The market’s urgent need for next-generation Li-ion battery performance and safety at a lower cost is well documented across every major product category: electric vehicles, consumer electronics and aviation,” said John Chen, investor, board member, and Managing General Partner of Phoenix Venture Partners LLC (PVP). “Sionic Energy’s disruptive combination of high performance at an attractive cost point with ease of commercialization and scaleup positions their silicon battery technology well to power next-generation products relying on better battery technology to reduce contributions to climate change.”


About Sionic Energy: Originally established in 2011, with the technology and team of Cornell University scientists, the company, previously named NOHMs Technologies, Inc. has been a leading provider of electrolyte products for next generation Li-ion batteries. Partnering with leading automotive, mobile device, battery, and chemical manufacturing companies, on those products, Sionic Energy is now well positioned in the market for rapid introduction of its complete battery cell technology and expects to have its breakthrough battery design in production by the end of 2022.



Leo Traub